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travellingdolls's Journal

Lucky 7 Travelling Dolls
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Meet Mahandra, William, Ginger, Lily, Trevor, Ace and Malaika; Seven Dolls who are about to travel their separate ways on an amazing journey.

The "Lucky Seven" project was inspired by star_odyssey where six stars were created to be passed on and photographed to different parts of the world. "What a wonderful idea!" I thought. So I came up with a similar idea for my dolls and selected seven to be my "ambassadors".

These dolls will be passed on to seven friends who will photograph them in various locations; home, office, any other special places or local landmarks, before they are passed on to other friends in different locations who will photograph them in their new place and then pass them on to people who will do likewise so that the project may continue as long as these dolls keep travelling.

Photos may be emailed for me to post in here by sending them to the following email address:


OR, if you already have an LJ account you can post them directly into this community. It will be interesting to see what adventures these dolls get up to. Even video clips are accepted.